Arrow in the Heart (2016)

What is it to be human when we are more seen and treated as objects; objects of the market economy, objects of desire, of personal use. The objects surrounding us have become more important than people. The human in us is gradually withdrawing. Maybe our understanding of being human needs a shift of perspective. In Arrow in the Heart we make an attempt to turn ourselves into objects. To see what it is like to be inorganic, to feel how different that state is in comparison to being human, and to reclaim the humanity in our objectified lives.

Samuel Alvis, Tamar Blom, Marcelo Evelin, Mariana Flores, Patricia Mallarini, Eduardo Mota, Vanessa Nunes, Maurício Pokémon, Soraya Portela, Zé Reis, Job Rietvelt, Fernanda Silva, Regina Veloso