Being Singular Plural (2016)

Being Singular Plural is an intimate performance around interdependence. Two men communicate with each other through the very primary and universal act of breathing. They inhale/exhale in one another, receiving/giving life from one another. The work is inspired by the thoughts of Jean-Luc Nancy around the paradox of the ‘first-person plural’. His theory is based on the idea that individuals need and contain in themselves the collectivity, that the concept of ‘existence’ automatically involves the notion of ‘co-existence’. Through a minimal, pure and intimate journey between two men, Francesca Lazzeri invites the spectator to reflect about the inevitable tie that we have with one another. In the performance mutuality and longing for each other are displayed in all their nudity, supporting the idea that being cannot be anything but being-with-one-another.

Hidde Aans-Verkade, Fleur van den Berg, Jonna Bruinsma, Paul Bruinsma, Bram van Gameren, Harry ter Heegde, Francesca Lazzeri, Pauline Otten, Job Rietvelt, Irene Schaltegger, Jan Taks