Intersex Fish (2013)


In 2002 large populations of small mouthbass and redbreast sunfish were found dead in Potomac River, West Virginia. Scientists found out that many of the male fish contained precursors of egg cells normally produced by females, a condition known as ‘Intersex’. The impact of finding intersex fish in rivers led to the discovery that plasticizers (phthalates) and ‘Bisphenol A’ affect the endocrine and reproductive system, disturbing the body’s normal biological functions.

Intersex Fish is a performance in three acts about plastic consumption: a short-movie documenting outdoor plastic collections transformed into city sculptures; a live-visual reproduction of the condition of ‘intersex fish’; a closing installation with the collected material.

Francesca Lazzeri, Rens Spanjaard, Kajetan Uranitsch, Danielle van Vree