Apocalypse: The second horse

Apocalypse: The second horse is the first in a series of installations dealing with the apocalypse. In this series Tamar explores our relation with this ancient concept; the way in which we imagine the apocalypse nowadays and what causes us to do so.

For this installation natural and religious elements are combined to question the source of the end. 79 heating lights and the composition In Our Shared Space by Amarante Nat create an immersive environment that enables you to experience a possible version of what could be the end.

Tamar Blom, Bjorn Gort, Sergio Gridelli, Robin Hooijboer, Francesca Lazzeri, Amarante Nat, Job Rietvelt

Review: https://www.theaterkrant.nl/recensie/apocalypse-the-second-horse/wild-vlees-tamar-blom/