Wild Vlees  (ENG: Proud Flesh) is a physical theatre company currently existing of two makers, a dramaturg and a creative producer, respectively Francesca Lazzeri, Tamar Blom, Joost Segers & Job Rietvelt. They create raw, experimental and engaged theater which tends to tickle and question. Through artistic proposals they intend to create an open space that encourages reflection, associations and reconsideration of values. Next to it, the group looks for other ways to share their fascinations with the outside. They organise context-programs and initiate discussions  with audience and peers, in order to reflect about their artistic practice and position within society. By doing this, they feed their need of exchanging and rethinking own truths. The artistic direction of the group is perpetually questioned and formulated from scratch. An agnostic and searching approach constitutes the base and only certitude of the company. This also means that the group is not stuck with a ‘one maker format’ nor with work from Blom and Lazzeri only. Because of the importance given to dialogue and multiperpectivism, Wild Vlees often works in collaboration with other independent artists. This valuably contributes to the development of the individuals and therefore considerably supports the group in its whole.

The name Wild Vlees appeared for the first time in 2013, during the making process of Body On, performance that Tamar Blom made together with Kajetan Uranitsch and producer Job Rietvelt. While Uranitsch decided to keep working as independent artist, Blom and Rietvelt chose to go on under this name. In 2015 Lazzeri joined the company and Segers followed in 2017.

Blom is characterized by his strong physical and radical approach on his work. In order to show the unlimited and limited sides of the body, he attempts to incorporate his research to its ultimate consequence. His intuition gives shape to raw, ‘unpolished’ and uncompromising performances.
With an interest in fine arts, Lazzeri is an active maker and physical performer. She is a strong thinker always trying to translate her concepts into pure and chosen images. In her work she researches the social and political aspects of ‘being humans’ and she translates the essence of her fascinations into intense, precise and hard-line images.
Segers works attentively, actively and precisely as a dramaturge of the group. His open but accurate approach feeds the reflections around the artistic material and contributes to the deepening of the group’s practice.
With an eager, creative and forward-looking approach to the work and its position within the theater field, producer Rietvelt plays an important role in the artistic development of the company. He follows the evolution of the work in order to find the right context in which to present it. In addition to this, he works as a broker; bringing audience, maker and content together.

Currently the company tours with When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing, (nominated for the 2016 Dutch New Theatermakers price – NL: BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs), and with An incomplete life, premiered in Festival Cement 2017.


Tamar Blom (1992) graduated from the Mime school (Amsterdam University of Arts), in 2014. Blom has a great fascination for the human being and its body. He uses the body both as a topic and as a means on stage. He approaches the material intuitively and dives fully into the work in order to embrace and almost literally ‘vivisect’ all aspects of a specific subject. In this process he takes inspiration from a broad scale of visual arts, implementing them in his physical and visual research. As a performer, he uses his physicality to research a certain topic deeply and precisely, challenging himself and the audience to rethink their boundaries. Since his graduation, he has been working in both Holland and Brazil, performing the work Body On, which won the ITs Festival Parade Parel in 2014. Next to it, he has been touring since 2012 as performer in De repente fica tudo preto de gente, by Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Incorporada. In 2016 Marcelo invited Tamar to create a performance for the opening of his new workspace CAMPO in Teresina, Brazil. The new productions that he made together with Francesca Lazzeri, When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing, and An incomplete life are currently touring in the Netherlands and abroad.


Francesca Lazzeri ( 1991 ) graduated from Mime school (Amsterdam University of Arts) in 2016. She is a physical performer and a theatre maker with a special interest for visual and performance art. She’s been studying and developing her work within physical theatre and performance art for the last 6 years, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Russia and Italy.
As maker she works conceptually, tries to fully understand and analyse a certain topic. She gathers information and completely immerses herself into a subject that fascinates her, creating almost a ‘catalogue’ of opinions and facts. The ‘extrapolated’ images that she presents on stage contain the core of her fascinations and are reduced to its very essence. As a performer her starting point is movement, performed with transparency and directness. While developing her own work, she also performed in Forest by Marcelo Evelin/Demolition Incorporada and for Schweigman&, with whom she’s as well currently touring with the new production Huid.
When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing and An incomplete life, made together with Tamar Blom, are currently touring in the Netherlands and abroad.


Job Rietvelt (1993) graduated in 2016 from Production school (Amsterdam University of Arts). He is an Amsterdam based creative producer, mostly active in the area of live (performance) arts. In 2014 he started working within Wild Vlees. With his built-up knowledge and producing experiences acquainted during the four year BA Creative Producing course at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, he intends to give performance artists the chance to develop their work within its most suited context. As a producer Rietvelt acknowledges the nowadays factual society in which hesitation is not permitted. Yet, he believes that hesitation in life is a power that art could and should facilitate. It is exactly the reconsideration of own values and the constant questioning of own certitudes that Rietvelt is searching for in artists’ practice. The work that he produces leads the audience to a open space, where spectators are invited to become part of the art work as well.